Communication Services

Being as one of the most famous leaders in home and garden improvement in MN, we are proud to announce that we can give you the best services with affordable price. With over 600 professionals in companies and about 8,000 staff who can handle difficult tasks, we believe that choosing us to help you get problems solved is the smart decision.

We build some call centers to help customers get problems solved easily and completely. We also arrange some staff which can go directly to the customers’ places to guide and solve problems if needed. No additional cost applied!

Our commitment is our guaranteed quality and warranty in home and garden improvement. Our support is 24/7 so that consumers can be free from troubles.

Main areas of service:

– Serving home and garden improvement
– Installation and repair of home furniture
– Solutions

What is our client?

We have suitable packages and affordable prices. In addition, we have flexible offers for customers. Therefore, regardless of budget, we cover all the range of consumers in home and garden improvement. Currently, we have some good relationship with big customers in long-term business. We are seeking for a good opportunity to expand our service in the next year.

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