Home & Garden Improvement

Home and garden improvement is very popular and common in the US. The needs of using this service are very high. Understand the demands in this field and to meet consumers’ requirements, Canorei has put good investments in equipment and staff. We have over 50 famous branches in over the world. We plan to increase this number to 100 in the next year. Our current employees reach 1,000 people in the company. About 400 people are professionals and technicians.

We specialized in home and garden improvement with over 15 years of experience. We have good trademark in our field, and gain a good reputation for quality. Currently, we have some good investors who want to put investments in our company to expand the scope.

Founded in 2000, we have served over 10,000 happy consumers. Currently, we plan to increase this number to 20,000 in 2015. Our main target is building a reputation based on the satisfaction and success of the customers. We offer a various range of support for installations, repair, consultancy, maintenance, and etc.…

Reducing the expenses and getting good savings for customers is our commission. Currently, we have a good relationship with big customers such as Fox, Apples, and other big consumers. This is our advantage to expand the scope larger in near future.

Main Services

With flexibility in packages and prices, we are confident to say that we can cover all consumers all over the world. In addition, we still maintain the same quality services and support regardless of consumers’ budget. Here are our main areas:

Home and garden stuff improvement

What makes us unique?

We have good call centers around the world to support customers 24/7. With over 15 years of experience, we believe that all customers will be satisfied with our service. We have a good commitment about quality guaranteed and warranty. With our great teams, we will give consumers the best service at home and garden improvement.

We are seeking for more investors who can invest to help us expand the company size and service. We plan to increase the number of branches in the next year. Our current capital reaches $ 50 billion; and our profits reach the peak of development. This will give us a good advantage to widen our service all over the world. We are upgrading our call centers to give the best support to customers. We also have online freelancers who can work with a flexible schedule so that customers from different time zone can immediate support when they need.

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